Do you feel your style and image need an update, but are not sure how to go about it, or what needs to be done?
Have you recently entered a new life phase or stage - a new job, having children,
returning to work or reaching menopause
Are you seeking professional, expert and impartial guidance?
Donna Kennedy-Meyer is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Shopper for all women who want to look good and feel great. Having a real passion for people, fashion, colour, fabric, makeup and clothing, she combined all of these and have been working as a Style/Image Consultant for the past 10 years.
Donna did editorial work for various magazines and appeared on numerous television programs concerning makeovers and personal styling. Originating from a fashion background after living and working abroad as a model (US and France), she has a natural flare with style, and is also a fully trained and certified Image Consultant in Colour- and Style Analysis, a qualified make-up artist, hair stylist and an established Personal Stylist and Shopper.
She recently did the latest and most advanced course on Colour Analysis, where clients are now classified within 1 of 12 colour-flow categories, as opposed to simply being classified as the 'old' Spring, Autumn, Summer or Winter. This way of working allows for a much more detailed, flexible and modern approach to Colour Analysis compared to the very basic and limited Colour Analysis from the past.
During the past decade she has inspired hundreds of women, changing the way they dress and shop, forever! With her varied experience and studies, she offers a unique approach to image consulting and personal styling that looks at your individuality - your shape, age, size, colour, lifestyle and personality, bringing out your very best to help you look and feel great!
After a consultation with Donna:
You will look stylish and up to 5 years younger!
You will have increased self-confidence and greater self-appreciation.
You will receive compliments from friends, colleagues and complete strangers!
You will love the clothes you are wearing and feel proud of the way you look.
You will learn to be a selective, instead of an impulsive buyer - saving time and money.
You will have an organized, functional, mix-and-match wardrobe with stylish, wearable clothes that fit and flatter you.
Shopping, or the idea of it, will no longer overwhelm you, as you will know where to shop for clothes that suit you and your lifestyle.
Not only will the experience will be life changing, but memorable and enjoyable!
"Over the past decade I've met wonderful people from all walks of life: young and old, male and female, white and black, wide and narrow....yet apart from all the differences, one thing still remains: We all want to feel beautiful. We all want to be accepted. We all want to be loved.

May my service teach and inspire you in more ways than one.

Until I hear from you..."
Love & Blessings
Donna Kennedy-Meyer Signature